In Memory of Bob Payzer

Aviation lost a friend today,

Indeed, as did we all,

When the turbine of Bob’s life

At last came to a stall.

Throughout his life as engineer,

Accomplished through the years,

Designs for aircraft turbines,

The shafts, the blades, the gears.

But more than that, he lived his life

As we were meant to do,

Taking care of others,

His mother, sister, too.

Bobby set the standard

For safety in the air

And showed us, in our daily lives,

How to love and care.

His plane and wings sit silently

Behind the hanger door,

Awaiting his skilled hands

Which they will sense no more.

We too must sit here silently

As we place him in repose,

Knowing that the Good Lord

Will now his flight plan close.

                         -Bill Markstrum